About Us


To Train, support, and collaborate resources to integrate marginalized and underprivileged persons in their communities.



To elevate marginalized and underprivileged communities by empowering them to achieve success

Statement of Purpose

P&O provides a safe place for persons in underprivileged and immigrant communities by offering support and integration. We offer behavioral health services and coordination of resources to marginalized groups, persons with cognitive impairment, and learning disabilities. We coordinate, collaborate with community stakeholders for support, acceptance, and better living.


Why choose P&O BHI Inc


  • Trained psychotherapist offering mental health services and meeting the client where they are. 
  • At P&O immigrant families, children, and adolescents can take part in group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, education programs, group therapy and support groups with or without insurance. 
  • P&O provides a safe space and place for persons with cognitive impairment and learning disabilities where they can develop and improve life skills to the best of their abilities. 
  • The program provides opportunities to the underprivileged and immigrant communities on training and support for better living. 
  • Creates community awareness and integration of cognitive impairment and learning disabilities.
  •  Unprivileged and marginalized groups are supported to fully integrate in their communities.
  • Different skill sets are taught and encouraged among the participants used as a bridge to the community.